Announcement: Join Yoga Teacher Erin Murphy, who started her yoga journey at Awakening Grace, on Sunday mornings. Namaste!

Welcome back fellow yogis and welcome new yogis.
I’m reopening Awakening Grace with a new name Awakening Grace and Healing Yoga.
My motivation for continuing our studio was the great benefit and resource of having a local studio to the local yoga community and the overall community.
Think about what you get from a yoga class…
Remembering Molly’s last class as the owner of Awakening Grace, I could see how important yoga is to my life and those in our community.
Words like sanity, harmony, sanctuary, peace, healing, adventure, living, compassion, exploration and love describe what many of you feel is a yoga practice. My intention is to continue to create a space where this takes place.
I’ve seen us come to yoga because we had no other place to go explore, to grieve, to take an action that helps to move us from suffering to less suffering, to acceptance, to peace, to joy, to begin to find you. 
Life rules us. Practicing yoga can change that paradigm.
I am asking for you help, for our studio. Opening is going to be soft for the first few weeks. Please bear with me.
We will be opening this Friday at 615 pm for 75 minute class.
Saturdays 7:15am Meditation 800am yoga (Molly)
Sundays   9:00 am 90 minutes yoga 
Monday    4:30pm 75 minutes yoga
Tuesday   615pm 75 minutes yoga
Thursday  615pm 75 minutes yoga
Friday       615pm 75 minutes yoga
I will continue to add classes and update with class descriptions. All classes are beginner to moderate.
How we keep the studio open.
Monthly  $89.00 All classes
New students $30.00 for 3 weeks All classes 
5 class card $65.00
10 class card 120.00
Drop in $15.00 
My contact info
studio cell 603-303-5167
Rick Lee

What is Kripalu Yoga?

“Kripalu yoga is a comprehensive, disciplined approach to self-study that cultivates health, facilitates psychological growth, and transforms one’s sense of self. Kripalu yoga arises from thousands of years of study and practice in fostering spiritual connection to all life and an awakening to the authentic self. It focuses on getting in touch with one’s own innate wisdom and happiness through cultivating nonjudgemental awareness. Teachers guide students through a practice of asana (which could be gentle, moderate, or vigorous), pranayama, and meditation, but neither posture sequences nor instructions are standardized. What distinguishes a Kripalu Yoga class is an emphasis on bringing awareness to the physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts that arise throughout the practice. The way we act and react on the mat becomes a microcosm for the way we act and react in daily life, leading to greater authenticity, equanimity, and happiness”. ~Kripalu Winter catalog 2012

We welcome you to come and visit us.

Upcoming Events

Paddling Meet-Up

Next paddle date Sunday August 27th

Fundy Cove Launch - Sunday August 27th. We will meet at 8:30 at the Pawtuckaway Lake Boat Launch off of Deerfield Road and explore Fundy Cove and the undeveloped northern end of the lake.

Directions: From Rt. 27 follow Route 156 approximately 5.4 miles to Deerfield Rd. Turn left onto Deerfield Rd. (There is a monument at intersection on the right) Follow Deerfield Rd. approx 2 miles, look for boat launch sign where you will turn left. Drive narrow road approx. 1 mile to boat launch.

Email Sue with questions: sawojcik@comcast.net

Outdoor Paddle board & Yoga Class at Chiver Farm

Saturday September 9th - 4:00pm in Candia, NH

Let's keep enjoying this season! Join Molly for a combination yoga & paddle board class on a warm and clean pond. This is a donation-based class. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Bring your mat, a towel and a friend! Farm is located by entering at 189 Depot Road, Candia. Drive for 0.8miles and follow the signs.
Any questions? email: awakeninggraceyoga@comcast.net.

Kripalu Autumn Retreat

Friday October 27th-Sunday October 29th

A group retreat is a wonderful experience to deepen your practice. The group discount will make your Kripalu trip even better! Your choice of the following workshops will be offered for this weekend:
*R&R: Relax and Renew with optional workshops
*Busy, Stressed and Food Obsessed
*The Practice of Loving Kindness: a Yoga & Meditation Weekend
*A New Way of Being: Women's Self-Renewal Retreat
*Relief is in the Stretch: Yoga for Back Pain
*The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind & Body in Healing Trauma

Any questions? email Molly: awakeninggraceyoga@comcast.net.

On-going Programs at Awakening Grace


Meditation is ON HOLD until the studio re-opens in September

In addition, all yoga classes offered include an element of mindfulness meditation at the beginning and end of class. Why meditation? Research is demonstrating the many positive affects of regular meditation. From anxiety and depression, to heart disease and hypertension, meditation is a benefit to adults and children alike. It will likely improve your concentration, reduce your blood pressure, and slow down the aging process of your brain. For more information, see the following links: Web MD on meditation and Forbes on the science of meditation.

Reiki Share

Next share date TBA – Donation based

Join us to give &/or receive Reiki, Universal Life Force Energy. This energy has the intention to promote the greatest good for all energetically. We join together to promote healing in a group setting. No experience required.


What Our Clients Say…
"I thought of a good analogy with which to describe your yoga class to my friend and came up with a pretty accurate one. Your class can be compared with a lovely meal: the intro and warm up is the salad; the class is the main course; and the shivasana is, of course, the desert. And the subtle thought you wove into today's class? That is a fine wine well paired with the rest of the meal". ~Boyd C.


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