Announcement: The studio will re-open in September under new ownership. VERY EXCITING... stay tuned. BEACH YOGA continues Wednesdays at 6pm through the end of August. Namaste!

What is Kripalu Yoga?

“Kripalu yoga is a comprehensive, disciplined approach to self-study that cultivates health, facilitates psychological growth, and transforms one’s sense of self. Kripalu yoga arises from thousands of years of study and practice in fostering spiritual connection to all life and an awakening to the authentic self. It focuses on getting in touch with one’s own innate wisdom and happiness through cultivating nonjudgemental awareness. Teachers guide students through a practice of asana (which could be gentle, moderate, or vigorous), pranayama, and meditation, but neither posture sequences nor instructions are standardized. What distinguishes a Kripalu Yoga class is an emphasis on bringing awareness to the physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts that arise throughout the practice. The way we act and react on the mat becomes a microcosm for the way we act and react in daily life, leading to greater authenticity, equanimity, and happiness”. ~Kripalu Winter catalog 2012

We welcome you to come and visit us.

Upcoming Events

Beach Yoga

Wednesdays June 14th - August 30th, 6:00pm

Weather permitting, this kicks off the summer series of outdoor yoga at Jenness State Beach in Rye, NH. Join Molly each Wednesday evening for an All-levels Kripalu Yoga class outdoors and incorporate the ocean air into your practice. This is a donation-based class and mats are provided. Bring a friend! Any questions? email: awakeninggraceyoga@comcast.net.

Paddling Meet-Up

Saturday July 15th - 8:30am

Sue has organized the next paddle for Saturday morning, July 15 on the Lamprey and Piscassic River in Newmarket. We will be putting in at Piscassic St. Boat Launch. Plan to paddle at least 3 hours. There are a number of different routes we can take. This part of the river is all flat water with very little current.
Rain Date will be Sunday morning, but the current forecast is for a sunny day!
Please let Sue know if you plan to attend (cell # is 603-479-4515).

Directions: Take Route 108 into Newmarket and turn onto Elm St, which is the street with the Newmarket Library on it. Take Elm about a half mile up & over a hill to Beech St. Turn right onto Beech & then right again at the end of Beech, on to Salmon Street. Salmon curves past several apt. complexes. Turn right onto Piscassic St at the Twin Rivers complex. The launch is at the end of the street.
Questions? Email inquiries to: awakeninggraceyoga@comcast.net.

On-going Programs at Awakening Grace


Meditation is offered by donation every Saturday morning from 7:15-7:45am

In addition, all yoga classes offered include an element of mindfulness meditation at the beginning and end of class. Why meditation? Research is demonstrating the many positive affects of regular meditation. From anxiety and depression, to heart disease and hypertension, meditation is a benefit to adults and children alike. It will likely improve your concentration, reduce your blood pressure, and slow down the aging process of your brain. For more information, see the following links: Web MD on meditation and Forbes on the science of meditation.

Reiki Share

Tuesday June 27th at 6:30 PM – Donation based

Join us to give &/or receive Reiki, Universal Life Force Energy. This energy has the intention to promote the greatest good for all energetically. We join together to promote healing in a group setting. No experience required.


What Our Clients Say…
"I thought of a good analogy with which to describe your yoga class to my friend and came up with a pretty accurate one. Your class can be compared with a lovely meal: the intro and warm up is the salad; the class is the main course; and the shivasana is, of course, the desert. And the subtle thought you wove into today's class? That is a fine wine well paired with the rest of the meal". ~Boyd C.


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