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No class on Saturday October 20th! Classes resume as scheduled on 10/22/18.
See our new website: www.inspiredyogaandhealth.com


To register for workshops, please email the studio and reserve your place. Email: awakeninggraceyoga@comcast.net

Community Breakfast

Saturday October 13th, 9:30-11:00am

Take some time to meet your fellow yogis and share a morning meal together. Breakfast will follow the 8am yoga class. Bring something to share or just stop in!

Yoga & Meditation Retreat... close to home

Friday October 26th-Sunday October 28th at Aryaloka Center

Take your yoga and meditation practice to a new level by attending a local retreat. Join Molly Schlangen and Satyada Stephen Sloan for a weekend of inward diving.
Register here: http://www.aryaloka.org/calendarevent/yoga-and-meditation-retreat-3-copy/

Save the date... Studio group trip to Kripalu

November 9-11th (or 12th)

Come for a retreat experience with friends in the Berkshires. Has a trip to Kripalu always been on your bucket list? Come with a group and save 20%.

Animal Flow Fitness Workshop

Will be rescheduled for October!

This workout was created by fusing elements of multiple BWT disciplines. This has over 30 movements modeled after numerous creature & superhero movements. Many are used in Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Par Cour, Break Dancing & MovNat. Most participants learn the basic movements the 1st workout. Many are done with the body’s center of gravity (CoG) close to the ground. Low CoG movements result in quick fatigue & a high caloric burn. Crawling, rolling, hopping, jumping, walking on 4 or fewer points of contact & hand balancing are done. As participants become proficient in the movements the level of difficulty is increased & movements are combined. Dennis calls these “intelligent movements” because they require a mind body connection to correctly perform & they challenge numerous body systems simultaneously. Some moves require forward, backward & lateral traveling, other exercises are static holds, balances or poses.

Class requirements:
This is an all levels class. Participants must be able to easily get up & down from the floor without assistance. The participant must be cleared for physical activity by a MD & must have no musculoskeletal restrictions or injuries. Children can come without an adult with instructor permission. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothes. Footwear is recommended but not required. These movements are done indoors or out, on hard or soft surfaces. No children under 6. Floor mat, water & towel are recommended.

$25 per person pre-registered; $30 at the door
Register at: awakeninggraceyoga@comcast.net


On-going Programs at Awakening Grace


In addition, all yoga classes offered include an element of mindfulness meditation at the beginning and end of class. Why meditation? Research is demonstrating the many positive affects of regular meditation. From anxiety and depression, to heart disease and hypertension, meditation is a benefit to adults and children alike. It will likely improve your concentration, reduce your blood pressure, and slow down the aging process of your brain. For more information, see the following links: Web MD on meditation and Forbes on the science of meditation.

Reiki Share

Next share date TBA – Donation based

Join us to give &/or receive Reiki, Universal Life Force Energy. This energy has the intention to promote the greatest good for all energetically. We join together to promote healing in a group setting. No experience required.


21 days of Gratitude

Join us for the first 21 days of November to focus on gratitude. This is also the effort to eat clean, detoxify your body from any substances, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Sign up here to receive a daily email during the 21 days. Aim for spending 30 minutes per day on your yoga mat and attend more classes during this 21 day effort.

What Our Clients Say…
"I thought of a good analogy with which to describe your yoga class to my friend and came up with a pretty accurate one. Your class can be compared with a lovely meal: the intro and warm up is the salad; the class is the main course; and the shivasana is, of course, the desert. And the subtle thought you wove into today's class? That is a fine wine well paired with the rest of the meal". ~Boyd C.


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