We are MOVING! Beginning Saturday 9/1- all classes will be held in Raymond next door to our new yoga studio. Tuesday morning classes are off the schedule; will resume when we move into the new building. Come find your yoga jam!

2018  Schedule


4:30-5:45pm Gentle Kripalu Yoga Molly
6:15-7:30pmKundalini YogaJenn


6:00-7:15pmVinyasa FlowNel


6:00-7:15pmBeach YogaMolly
6:15-7:30pmKundalini YogaJenn


9:00-10:15am All Levels YogaErin



8:00-9:15am All Levels Kripalu YogaMolly


9:00-10:30am *Last class will be 8/26/18All Levels Kripalu YogaErin

Restorative Yoga:  A 2­ hour restorative yoga class is offered every other month for $25. Next class TBA.

Beginner Series:  4 week introduction to yoga offered on Saturdays 9:30-11am in September 2018.

What Our Clients Say…
"I thought of a good analogy with which to describe your yoga class to my friend and came up with a pretty accurate one. Your class can be compared with a lovely meal: the intro and warm up is the salad; the class is the main course; and the shivasana is, of course, the desert. And the subtle thought you wove into today's class? That is a fine wine well paired with the rest of the meal". ~Boyd C.


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